From corporate BeReal to an iMessage read count, Soren Iverson is coming up with totally unhinged updates for your favorite apps.

Imagine if your DoorDash deliverer could request a few of your fries via the app, or the person you were texting could see your thumb-shaped face in real-time as you typed. If you’ve seen these features doing the rounds on Twitter lately, you might have been fooled into thinking some of them were a reality.

Luckily, these unhinged ideas are all a product of Soren Iverson‘s imagination. The product designer, who works at Cash App, has gone viral for his mockups of often nightmarish (and occasionally genius) “improvements” to the apps we use every day.

Iverson told Digg that he started off making “satirical UI” and exploring how AI could be used in “unexpected ways” — then, his shared iPhone alarm idea went viral in January of this year.

“From there I’ve just been making an idea a day, and having fun with it,” he said.

Check out just some of Iverson’s wonderfully wacky concepts below.

LinkedIn nepotism disclosure

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 11, 2023

iMessage show the number of times they’ve read a message

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 23, 2023

United feature to “duel” people for their seat

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) June 5, 2023

iMessage typing indicator that shows length of the message

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) June 1, 2023

Uber Eats feature to share dining behavior with your insurance provider

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) June 4, 2023

Doordash “bite request”

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) February 16, 2023

BeReal Corporate automatically takes photos of your screen and shares them with your manager

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 26, 2023

Spotify lock an artist if you listen to them too much

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) June 3, 2023

iPhone feature to lock if you don’t brush your teeth

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) June 2, 2023

Uber Eats meet your meat

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 12, 2023

Tinder feature to show when photo was taken

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 28, 2023

Zillow poll to see who gets the house in a divorce

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 25, 2023

Find My Friends see how many times they check your location

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 24, 2023

Google Meet live presentation feedback

— Soren Iverson (@soren_iverson) May 19, 2023

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