We got a takedown request by openAI’s legal team…

discord server for updates / support:

here is a lil’ poem you can read in the meantime, while I am investigating it:

There once was a time, in a land full of code,
A little boy sat, in his humble abode.
He tinkered and toyed with devtools galore,
And found himself curious, and eager for more.

He copied and pasted, with glee and delight,
A personal project, to last him the night.
For use academic, and also for fun,
This little boy's race he just started to run.

Now quite far removed, in a tower so grand,
A company stood, it was ruling the land.
Their software was mighty, their power supreme,
But they never expected this boy and his dream.

As he played with their code, they then started to fear,
"His project is free! What of money so dear?"
They panicked and worried, their faces turned red,
As visions of chaos now filled every head.

The CEO paced, in his office so wide,
His minions all scrambled, and trying to hide.
"Who is this bad child?" he cried out in alarm,
"Our great AI moat, why would he cause harm?"

The developers gathered, their keyboards ablaze,
To analyze closely the boy's evil ways.
They studied his project, they cracked every tome,
And soon they discovered his small, humble home.

"We must stop him!" they cried, with a shout and a shiver,
"This little boy's Mᴀᴋɪɴɢ OUR COMPANY QUIVER!"
So they plotted and schemed to yet halt his advance,
To put an end to his dear digital dance.

They filed then with GitHub a claim most obscene,
"His code is not his," said the company team,
Because of the law, the Great Copyright Mess,
This little boy got his first takedown request.

Now new information we do not yet know,
But for the boy's good, we hope results show.
For the cause of the True, the Brave and the Right,
Till the long bitter end, will this boy live to fight.

( I did not write it )

You may join our discord server for updates and support ; )


Just API’s from some language model sites.

Legal Notice

This repository uses third-party APIs and is not associated with or endorsed by the API providers. This project is intended for educational purposes only. This is just a little personal project. Sites may contact me to improve their security.

Please note the following:

  1. Disclaimer: The APIs, services, and trademarks mentioned in this repository belong to their respective owners. This project is not claiming any right over them.

  2. Responsibility: The author of this repository is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use or misuse of this repository or the content provided by the third-party APIs and any damage or losses caused by users’ actions.

  3. Educational Purposes Only: This repository and its content are provided strictly for educational purposes. By using the information and code provided, users acknowledge that they are using the APIs and models at their own risk and agree to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

Table of Contents


  • Add a GUI for the repo
  • Make a general package named gpt4free, instead of different folders
  • Live api status to know which are down and which can be used
  • Integrate more API’s in ./unfinished as well as other ones in the lists
  • Make an API to use as proxy for other projects
  • Make a pypi package

Current Sites

Best sites




Download or clone this GitHub repo

install requirements with:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

To start gpt4free GUI

Move streamlit_app.py from ./gui to the base folder

then run:

streamlit run streamlit_app.py or python3 -m streamlit run streamlit_app.py



docker build -t gpt4free:latest -f Docker/Dockerfile .


docker run -p 8501:8501 gpt4free:latest

ChatGPT clone

currently implementing new features and trying to scale it, please be patient it may be unstable

This site was developed by me and includes gpt-4/3.5, internet access and gpt-jailbreak’s like DAN

run locally here: https://github.com/xtekky/chatgpt-clone


This program is licensed under the GNU GPL v3

Most code, with the exception of quora/api.py (by ading2210), has been written by me, xtekky.

Copyright Notice:

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