GGML – AI at the edge

ggml is a tensor library for machine learning to enable large models and high performance on
commodity hardware. It is used by llama.cpp and

  • Written in C
  • 16-bit float support
  • Integer quantization support (e.g. 4-bit, 5-bit, 8-bit)
  • Automatic differentiation
  • Built-in optimization algorithms (e.g. ADAM, L-BFGS)
  • Optimized for Apple Silicon
  • On x86 architectures utilizes AVX / AVX2 intrinsics
  • Web support via WebAssembly and WASM SIMD
  • No third-party dependencies
  • Zero memory allocations during runtime
  • Guided language output support


Short voice command detection on a Raspberry Pi 4 using whisper.cpp

Simultaneously running 4 instances of 13B LLaMA + Whisper Small on a single M1 Pro

Running 7B LLaMA at 40 tok/s on M2 Max

Here are some sample performance stats on Apple Silicon June 2023:

  • Whisper Small Encoder, M1 Pro, 7 CPU threads: 600 ms / run
  • Whisper Small Encoder, M1 Pro, ANE via Core ML: 200 ms / run
  • 7B LLaMA, 4-bit quantization, 3.5 GB, M1 Pro, 8 CPU threads: 43 ms / token
  • 13B LLaMA, 4-bit quantization, 6.8 GB, M1 Pro, 8 CPU threads: 73 ms / token
  • 7B LLaMA, 4-bit quantization, 3.5 GB, M2 Max GPU: 25 ms / token
  • 13B LLaMA, 4-bit quantization, 6.8 GB, M2 Max GPU: 42 ms / token

The ggml way

  • Minimal

    We like simplicity and aim to keep the codebase as small and as simple as possible

  • Open Core

    The library and related projects are freely available under the MIT license. The development
    process is open and everyone is welcome to join. In the future we may choose to develop
    extensions that are licensed for commercial use

  • Explore and have fun!

    We built ggml in the spirit of play.
    Contributors are encouraged to try crazy ideas, build wild demos, and push the edge of what’s


  • whisper.cpp

    High-performance inference of OpenAI’s Whisper automatic speech recognition model

    The project provides a high-quality speech-to-text solution that runs on Mac, Windows, Linux,
    iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Web. Used by

  • llama.cpp

    Inference of Meta’s LLaMA large language model

    The project demonstrates efficient inference on Apple Silicon hardware and explores a variety of
    optimization techniques and applications of LLMs


Company is a company founded by Georgi Gerganov to support the development of ggml. Nat Friedman
and Daniel Gross provided the pre-seed funding.

We are currently seeking to hire full-time developers that share our vision and would like to help
advance the idea of on-device inference. If you are interested and if you have already been a
contributor to any of the related projects, please contact us at

Business inquiries

For any business-related topics, including support or enterprise deployment, please contact us at

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