Is it really like interacting with the real creator?
SecondSoul utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive experience with AI versions of popular creators/models.

Can AI truly provide companionship?
SecondSoul’s advanced conversational AI ensures a realistic and engaging companionship experience.

What’s the advantage for the creator?
The creator can build a better experience, and offer exciting conversations to users, and get money based on our commission fees program. Above all, the creator can differentiate her/his profile by offering this kind of new service.

Is it free for the creator to join?
Yes, you can join the platform for free. We’ll take care of the AI generation, and all the service.

How does the OF Creator earn money?
You will get % based on the users will subscribe to her/him profile using our platform.

Is secondsoul for OF creators only?
Today yes, It Is. But we are not only focusing the attention on OF creators in the coming weeks. So if you’re an influencer or a model, you can join the waiting list anyway. We’ll review your profile.

Is SecondSoul an open platform?
The answer is no. We select OF creators based on their profile and their communities.

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