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Man working with Internet-in-a-Box home page

Internet-in-a-Box learning content examples

Quality Content

Internet-in-a-Box shows you the latest Content Packs
installable in the languages your community needs (from online
libraries like
then takes care of all the downloading details for you!


Mexico’s live demo

and our

medical examples

used by clinics in Asia and Africa especially, as hosted by

Schools can also choose among

almost 40 powerful apps

for teachers and students — optionally with a complete LMS
(learning management system) like Kolibri, Moodle, Nextcloud,
Sugarizer or WordPress.

Two Haitian schoolgirls working on a laptop

Friendly Community

Internet-in-a-Box is a

community product

enabled by professional volunteers working


with schools, clinics and libraries around the world — and the

Wikipedia community


Thank you everyone for humbly being part of this


grassroots learning


Please consider

how you too might assist

this epic effort.
It’s astonishing how far we’ve come since Internet-in-a-Box’s
original demo in 2013 — and how far we will go together,
If You Too Can Help!

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Free Ngrok Alternative

  • Setup a persistent cloud tunnel.

  • Custom domain name support.

  • Debug viewer to view your request/responses

  • Pay what you feel like.

  • Request for higher throughput.

  • Multiple tunnels on single host

  1. pip3 install liveports

  2. liveports http 3000

For custom domain, you will need a CNAME entry. Follow instructions after this command:

  1. liveports http 3000 –source=””

For those curious devs, get the source code & support for a small contribution.

Issue: liveports command not found

export PATH=”$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH”

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