Bug 1823332

Opened 3 months ago
Closed 1 month ago

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We already strip tracking query parameters from navigations in ETP strict mode. We can use the same mechanism to strip (query string based) link decoration when a user is copying or sharing a URL.

This system will build on our existing implementation for automatically stripping URL parameters from navigations and apply to link decoration. For prototyping we will use the same list of tracking query parameters we use for our existing query parameter stripping. The prototype will be Nightly only.


Closed: 1 month ago

Resolution: — → FIXED

Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)

[Why is this notable]: New privacy/anti-tracking related feature

[Affects Firefox for Android]: No

[Suggested wording]: Starting with Firefox 115, Nightly supports a new “copy clean” link context menu action which removes any superfluous query parameters, including tracking parameters.

[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: The proposal doc holds a lot of info about this feature

Sorry for the delay, this was added to Nightly notes 115-117

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