Tech issues (bugs, error messages, etc) go to me

Design issues (layout, style, etc) go to pattonx

Beer (burp, good, etc) go to Drew

yah! new look freaks me out!

I don’t like it. Can we get an option to chose between the 2?

Is it too late to demand the old Fark back?

Wow, it looks like I have already drank that fifth!

Make it stop!!!

Ahh, my eyes.



*runs out screaming*

change makes me AANGREE!!!

im scared. someone hold me?





looks nice, but the comments section is gonna be annoying when those 300+ posts come

Any way to change it back ?

Did someone put acid in my coke?

Wow, this is going to take some getting used to.

my eyes! the goggles do nothing.

i liked the old fark better :(

the old design was better this reminds me more of something awful


i like the old way better …oh well

“The goggles, they do nothing”

What the fark just happened?

it’s a monstrosity…but the 14-year-olds will probably like it.

not bad,scared me though when it was loading

Bring back the old design, I’m scared.

Y’all are a bit late. April 1st was a few weeks ago.

This is completely unexpected, seriously. It looks really colorful. I’ve kinda been wondering when Fark was going to redesign their pages, things were looking a little dated. Too bad all the cliche pictures with fark on the computer screen are now outdated. :(

Change it back for the love of god!!1eleventy1!

Aaaaah! Brings back memories of New Coke. Do not want.

Wow what a bunch of crap this is…. ugly!!!

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