DXX Raytracer is a fork of the DXX Retro project for Windows. DXX Raytracer uses modern raytracing techniques to update the graphics of the beloved retro game known as Descent.

This build of the game uses the shareware assets. If you have bought the original version of Descent 1995, you can replace the descent.pig and descent.hog files
with your versions to play the whole game.


  • Physically-based rendering
  • Soft shadows
  • Pathtraced global illumination
  • Bloom
  • Temporal anti-aliasing
  • Motion blur
  • Post-processing (Vignette, tonemap, etc.)

Community discord

You can join the community discord to make suggestions, report bugs, or just to hang around:


  • SHIFT + ALT + F1: Open debug menus, more on those below
  • SHIFT + ALT + F2: Toggle depth testing for debug lines
  • F1: Menu with important keybindings from the game
  • ALT + F2: Save your game
  • ALT + F3: Load a save game

Debug Menus

  • Render Settings: All kinds of graphics settings and debug utility for rendering
  • GPU Profiler: A profiling tool to see how much time individual render passes took on the GPU
  • Material Editor: Adjust material properties from any level
  • Polymodel Viewer: Allows you to view a polymodel in the current scene.
  • Dynamic Lights: Allows for tweaking of dynamic lights, like weapons, explosions, and muzzle flashes.
  • Light Explorer: Allows for tweaking of individual lights, and adds ability to debug view lights in the level.


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