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DuckDuckGo supports search syntax you can use to fine-tune your queries.

Search Operators



cats dogs

Results about cats or dogs

"cats and dogs"

Results for exact term “cats and dogs”. If no results are found, we’ll try to show related results.

cats -dogs

Fewer dogs in results

cats +dogs

More dogs in results

cats filetype:pdf

PDFs about cats. Supported file types: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), html

dogs site:example.com

Pages about dogs from example.com

cats -site:example.com

Pages about cats, excluding example.com


Page title includes the word “dogs”


Page url includes the word “cats”

  • Use site: to limit your search results to pages from a specific website. For example, dogs site:example.com will return pages about dogs from the website example.com.
  • Use –site: to eliminate pages from a specific website from showing up in search results. For example, cats –site.example.com will remove any example.com pages from your list of search results about cats.

Search Directly on Other Sites

  • Use </code> to go to directly to the first search result. For example, futurama futurama.
  • Use ! to search other sites' search engines directly. Remember,

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