Today the demoscene was accepted as Dutch national intangible cultural heritage.


We very happy about the success of the Dutch demoscene to be accepted as a living national cultural heritage!

The Dutch inscription is continuing the success story of the demoscene as first digital culture accepted by the UNESCO. Previously the demoscene became cultural heritage in Finland, Germany and Poland.

Check out the official entry at the inventory ( and the safeguarding plan, which was the core of the application (

Our congrats go to the whole Dutch community and specifically to ‘RamonB5^dSr’ aka Ramon de Bruijn, ‘@zeno4ever’ aka Dave Borghuis and ‘havoc’ aka Peter van Rijn, who were mainly responsible for submitting the application.

The Dutch inscription will be a big push for other pending applications like in Switzerland. And also it’s making a joint international application more likely.

Stay tuned…

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