DeArrow is an open source browser extension for crowdsourcing better titles and thumbnails on YouTube. The goal is to make titles accurate and reduce sensationalism. No more arrows, ridiculous faces, and no more clickbait.

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“Clickbait” isn’t the exception anymore, it’s becoming the norm. Many have even started going through their entire backlog, changing old titles and thumbnails to be more attention grabbing and vague.

It’s no one’s fault. It’s a system that creates a race to the bottom.

DeArrow hopes to stop this cycle. It’s time to return to a more peaceful experience.

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Watch a demo below!

Demo video

Titles can be any arbitrary text. Thumbnails are screenshots from specific timestamps in the video. These are user submitted and voted on. By default, if there are no submissions, it will format the original title to the user-specified format, and set a screenshot from a random timestamp as the thumbnail. This can be configured in the options to disable formatting, or show the original thumbnail by default.

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The source code is fully open and the database can be downloaded by anyone. I want to keep this as open as possible! You can view the docs for the public API or host a mirror.

Check out how it works.

Come chat with us on Discord or Matrix.


Built and maintained by Ajay Ramachandran

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Thanks to all DeArrow contributors, SponsorBlockServer contributors, DeArrowSite contributors, and replacement title and thumbnail contributors such as Michael Chang, mschae23, Alex Sørlie, cane, UnventedManicotti, jiraph and more.

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