A community fork of a language named after a plant fungus. All of the
memory-safe features you love, now with 100% less bureaucracy!

Why CrabLang?

The Crab (or “CrabLang”) community
fork was created as a lighthearted yet measured response to the growing concerns
within the community about the influence of corporations and the restrictive
trademark policy proposed by the foundation. This was not a “knee-jerk” reaction,
nor was it an attempt to spread fear or cause panic. While the document the
foundation drafted did lead to the fork, we believe it is an overdue
solution to a problem that already existed, and addresses some issues that
many community members have had for some time.

First and foremost: CrabLang is not trying to replace our beloved
language. If you are happy with the way things are, we encourage you to
continue using your language of choice. Our goal is not to fracture the
community, but rather to provide an alternative for those who share our
concerns and wish to have more freedom in using, creating with, and
promoting the language without worrying about the litigation associated
with trademark infringement.

We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and financial support that
corporations have provided to the original project. We understand the
importance of their contributions, but we also believe that it is
essential to maintain a balance between corporate influence and the will
of the community. The CrabLang Collective aims to provide a space where
the community can thrive without the constraints imposed by corporate

We want to emphasize that we are not at odds with the project or
the original language. We appreciate everything they do to make the
language better, and our fork’s main branch will continue to stay up to
date with the upstream codebase. Our main goal is to ensure that the
community has an alternative that aligns with their values and desire
for unrestricted use.

The Crab community fork is driven by our love for a language named after
a type of fungus. We simply want to use it while retaining the ability
to create content and promote its name, logo, and other assets however
we please, without the limitations imposed by a trademark policy. By
offering a community-driven alternative, we hope to maintain a spirit of
collaboration, innovation, and creative freedom.

With our shared passion for programming, we welcome anyone interested to
join us in exploring the Crab community fork. Whether or not you fully
agree with our concerns, we believe that diversity of thought and a
commitment to inclusivity will only strengthen our collective efforts.

Come on in! The water is warm!

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