Code AI with codebase context

“an AI pair programmer that actually knows about your entire codebase’s APIs, impls, and idioms”

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Get started

Install Cody from the VS Code Marketplace, then check out the demos to see what you can do.

— or —

  • Build and run VS Code extension locally: pnpm install && cd vscode && pnpm run dev
  • See all supported editors

What is Cody?

Cody is a code AI tool that autocompletes, writes, fixes, and refactors code (and answers code questions), with:

  • Codebase context: Cody fetches relevant code context from across your entire codebase to write better code that uses more of your codebase’s APIs, impls, and idioms, with less hallucination.
  • Editor features: Popular extensions for VS Code and JetBrains (and WIP support for Neovim and Emacs).
    • Autocomplete: with better suggestions based on your entire codebase, not just a few recently opened files
    • Inline chat: refactor code based on natural language input, ask questions about code snippets, etc.
    • Recipes: explain code, generate unit test, generate docstring, and many more (contribute your own!)
    • Codebase-wide chat: ask questions about your entire codebase
  • Swappable LLMs: Support for Anthropic Claude and OpenAI GPT-4/3.5, highly experimental support for self-hosted LLMs, and more soon.
    • Free LLM usage included (currently Anthropic Claude/OpenAI GPT-4) for individual devs on both personal and work code, subject to reasonable per-user rate limits (more info).

See for more info.



Inline chat

More demos


All code in this repository is open source (Apache 2).

Quickstart: pnpm install && cd vscode && pnpm run dev to run a local build of the Cody VS Code extension.

See development docs for more.


Cody is often magical and sometimes frustratingly wrong. Cody’s goal is to be powerful and accurate. You can help:


Individual usage

Individual usage of Cody currently requires a (free) account because we need to prevent abuse of the free Anthropic/OpenAI LLM usage. We’re working on supporting more swappable LLM options (including using your own Anthropic/OpenAI account or a self-hosted LLM) to make it possible to use Cody without any required third-party dependencies.

Codying at work

You can use your free individual account when Codying on your work code. If that doesn’t meet your needs (because you need higher rate limits, a dedicated/single-tenant instance, scalable embeddings, audit logs, etc.), fill out the “Cody at work” form and we’ll help.

Existing Sourcegraph customers

The Cody editor extensions work with:

  • Sourcegraph Cloud
  • Sourcegraph Enterprise Server (self-hosted) instances on version 5.1 or later

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