r/ChatGPT Rules

All users are encouraged to report posts to the moderators for review.

1: Malicious Communication

Posters and commenters are expected to act in good faith. Treat other users the way you want to be treated. Avoid straw-manning and bad-faith interpretations. Avoid presenting misinformation as factual.

2: No Trashposts

Posts deemed to be entirely without value or effort may be removed if they have not generated interesting discussions before their discovery. Users are encouraged to report posts they feel are of significantly low effort. Specifically mentioning that “Is chat GPT down posts?” will be removed. The stickied FAQ deals with that.

3: Self Advertising

Posts must be directly related to ChatGPT or the topic of LLMs. They may not be solely focused on advertising a single other LLM service. Find or establish a relative subreddit for that service.

4: Political Discussion

Having ChatGPT create political content is completely fine. Discussion of the politics around AI and LLMs is allowed. This is not the place to discuss the merits of Trump’s foreign policy or Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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