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Did you know…

  • …that Windows Neptune was a cancelled version of Windows that ought to bring a new user interface reminiscent of Metro later introduced in Windows 8?
  • …that the Gizmo theme that was present in Mac OS 8.5b6 originates from Copland as “Z Theme” and was intended for testing the theming service for both versions?
  • …that Paint was once on the second disk of Windows 1.0 Alpha Release but later deleted by either Microsoft or the owner for unknown reasons?
  • …that Apple has officially released several developer releases of what would later become Mac OS X for the x86 architecture as a part of its NeXT legacy, and secretly continued to maintain the port until Tiger?
  • …that early builds of Windows Me replaced the safe to shutdown screen with a blue screen due to the removal of real-mode MS-DOS?
  • …that Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition is the only released version of Windows to use the login screen originating from beta 2 builds of Windows 2000?

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Windows Server 2008 build 4066 is a pre-reset build of Windows Server 2008, which was originally described by Grabberslasher in his UX.Unleaked blog on 1 May 2008, where it was shortly uploaded by the end of the year. It is currently the last available build of Windows Server 2008 compiled in the pre-reset codebase.

This build reimplements most of the features that were originally stripped off during the transition towards the Slate interface, and introduces many features and Desktop Window Manager improvements that were demonstrated earlier on the build 4050 showcase and became widely available in build 4074. Aero resources are also included, although they cannot be normally used.

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