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In a blog post published today, crowdfunding site BackerKit announced it will no longer allow “solely” AI-generated content on its platform. This new policy “aims to address growing concerns regarding ownership of content, ethical sourcing of data, and compensation for the process of creating content.” This policy comes after the widespread critique of Terraforming Mars’ use of AI art in a Kickstarter that raised over $2 million.

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Any project that makes use of solely AI-generated content or content that “lacks a minimum requirement of human input” will not be allowed to crowdfund on the BackerKit site. There is some wiggle room with AI generative fill and the use of AI transcription services, but there seems to be a high level of human input required to satisfy the policy. io9 has reached out to BackerKit to clarify this policy and will update this post should we hear back.

In support of this policy, BackerKit will “automatically exclude all content uploaded by our creators for their projects from AI training.” The new restrictions will go into effect on October 4, which will given any creators using AI-generated images and text time to alter their projects.

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