Throwaway account to cover my tracks a bit.

I'm a volunteer for a non profit that works with mental health as part of a ragtag bunch of men who have been affected by mental health. I'm also a solo entrepreneur with a very 'get shit done' mentality in my own world. The latter doesn't always mesh well with the former, and it's causing me some frustation with how long things take to get done.

I report to a board of directors who aren't business owners, and they regard our organisation almost as a good cause whereas in reality it's a small business. There are donors (investors), customers (attendees) and staff (volunteers).

Without going into too many details, I've had to step back from some internal tasks since I was compensating for a director's lack of action / insight. I've done this for my own wellbeing, but I know ultimately sometimes things need to break before they come to light, and then they can be fixed.

I have no desire to cover for the ineffective director, and I'd like to avoid a personality conflict with them. I can split the person from the tasks (or lack of action / insight on the tasks), so I don't see any vendetta on the horizon, but I'm struggling with lack of practical experience here since I've been solo since 2006.

How do you deal with superiors at your organisation that appear to be without direction, strategy, awareness and action?

Thank you.