Hello dear HN. I am looking for advise,
I have a Facebook account that has been suspended for unknown reasons, other than I somehow 'broke' the community standards.
It is unclear to me which ones however. When I try to re-log in I am stopped by an endless AI bot, and cannot get a hold of a real person.

I am still paying monthly for Facebook Ads for my small business. However, I cannot log in to cancel these Ads. I tried contacting my credit card company, but FB uses a different vendor account for each bill posted, making it difficult for the credit card company to stop these transactions.

I attempted emailing FB several time to legal@facebook.com.
And I wrote a letter twice, and sent in the mail via postage, with tracking, which was delivered, to cancel my Ad services and provide a refund. No response however.

Should I proceed to small claims court to recover about $300 of lost Ad revenue, for a service which I can no longer use? I am still being billed to.
Does anybody have any experience with this?