The current events of Reddit and Stack Exchange amplifying a thought that communities and users' contributions should be decentralized. The current structure of online communication poses a major risk.

1. There has to be a movement at both protocol and community-level to bring a Usenet like forum for general consumption. Different decetralized subgroups hosting and replicating the communities for others.

2. The model needs to be rethought to ensure that the thoughts and knowledge of communities and users belong to them.

3. These forums should encourage less anonymity and more persistent communication.

4. Trustworthy individuals should run these forums, chosen by the community. Individual groups, academia, organizations running the communities but easily redistributed across to people who want it. This was usenet.

Failure to address these issues allows mega companies to exploit data and control access against users' wishes.

Taking action is crucial to prevent unfavorable outcomes and hold ourselves accountable.