Ask HN: IP cameras that don’t require an app or internet?

I've been using Amcrest and foscam IP cameras at my home for the past several years. I have then connected to a no internet VLAN with an NVR.

The models I've been using have an ethernet port and wifi. Setup was connecting to the ethernet port and then accessing the web ui in a browser to configure settings (most importantly turning on RTSP or ONVIF feeds). The cameras I have are starting to show their age and a couple of them are starting to fail (PTZ slow or require reboots every few weeks).

I picked up newer models from Amcrest and foscam assuming they would have the same set up procedure (i made sure to get ethernet+wifi models and did research on being RSTP capable) but they all require downloading an app and creating an account to set them up, even if the end configuration is without internet for local video)

The foscam cameras have a web ui that just has links to the app stores and the amcrest cameras don't have any web ui available. I tried directly accessing the RTSP URLs and still no luck. both apps require account creation in order to use.

I've also tried some tp link, wyze and aqara cameras in the past but they all required an app/account. They also had the worst reliability, both in connection stability and physical failure rates.

Does anyone have specific model numbers of currently purchasable (US) IP cameras that genuinely don't require an app and account to set up?

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