Hi all,

I'm curious as to which jobs (if any) someone would recommend if I'm learning how to code on the evenings and on weekends. At the moment I'm just doing it for fun, but it'd be nice if there was a potential route, long-term to get a job if I still enjoy it down the line. My current job is working as a Paralegal in a non-technical role.

I've been applying for other positions in a variety of industries (currently have an offer for a remote SDR role selling a SaaS product, but debating whether I should take it because it's just for the money and feel it could get quite time-intensive if I have to hit targets consistently).

Obviously I can't get “paid to learn” how to code but are there any entry-level jobs where I'd get general exposure that could aid/speed up my learning? (in any programming language) I guess working at a company with software developers could help (like the SDR has), but they might be remote/in other departments.

I've seen people recommend tech support at a small-mid startup or Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) – on the other hand I've seen others say that since you wouldn't actually be coding and as those jobs require a completely different mindset to a programmer, it wouldn't help.

So, I was wondering if anyone would agree with this/had other suggestions, or is a bootcamp more “practical” if I wanted eventually to turn it into a career (in the long-term, one day) or should I just continue self-teaching on my own, in the evenings/weekends.

I'm UK-based for what it's worth.