My personal website currently runs on angular. It works well but I since I am noob in coding because I know HTML & CSS pretty well and scrape the internet to piece together other stuff for angular to run this website.
Due to my limit coding ability, I run my blog on ghost and it has a different theme which I don't like. I don't want to spend time in redoing the ghost theme so it looks like my personal website. Rather I'd love to incorporate a static site generator in my angular project so I have full control over theming for my blog.

I just spent like 4 hours trying to resolve some dependencies in my angular project so I can install skully – a static site generator in my angular project. And I am exhausted.

I've decided to do a long pending task i.e. port my personal website from angular to something modern that also has better app ecosystem support. Something like react where I can use gatsby instead of skully.

How you can help?
Given you guys are more experienced that me in coding, what frontend framework is the easiest to learn while also remains scalable and a wide community/app support that I can port my personal website to?

Conditions for suggestions:
– I am a noob in FE so I'll use Google or GPT to get most of the answers.
– I am quite well in understanding structures & architecture of a framework to piece it together
– I am not looking to become an expert in any framework that I pick next. A framework is a means to my end i.e. running my personal website & blog smoothly.