Apollo – an amazing new Reddit client for iOS

All things related to Apollo, a Reddit app for iPhone with a focus on a clean, iOS centric UI with super comfortable and fast browsing. Feel free to post if you have any questions or suggestions!

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Supporting Apollo

If you’re interested in supporting Apollo’s future, buying Apollo Pro in the app helps a ton, as well as any donations in the app’s Tip Jar! (Thank you, awesome person!)

If you have BTC, ETH, or any other cool crypto abbreviations, others have mentioned they’d like to donate cryptocurrency, and if so, here are some addresses: (Thank you!)

BTC: 1LamDwEtMYzeMF8F4evLVshgL6UaM1mU7e

ETH: 0x53FDee21dCA9555Cd6d28089c8eA7E118d7189B6

Litecoin: LQgNag4cmGTbedXQvahpi6eQydpSjgBWv6

Nano: xrb_1j7ppgbx47bbyk1ohbuy9nqghreo8pct8z1gcghyqj7kz7tmz9xnugjntx9k

(I add these based on request, if there’s a different cryptocurrency you’d like to see added please PM me and I happily will!)

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