How can I use Curiometr?

Humans are curious beings. Here you can see how you compare with other people.

Create a free, anonymous account – then search & respond existing polls or create a new one to see how you measure up.

Additionally, you can correlate various polls to compare aspects among answers with similar responses.

Does Curiometr have scientific validation?

Pronounced kyur•ee•ah•muh•tr (rhymes with thermometer)
is a play of a way to measure curiosity. We use best practices used for polling, but prioritize anonymity to
guarantee psychological safety that brings the most honest responses.

So you can help the community by answering sincerely the most polls possible.
The same way you want responses to your polls, help others get answers to theirs.

Why anonymous and please tell me how Curiometr does this?

We believe that guaranteeing anonymity, even to the Curiometr team, people will feel comfortable to answer and respond with
utmost honesty to the polls. We do not gather any type of PII (personally identifiable information) such as names & email addresses.

You can also use all of Curiometr using TOR or a VPN service.

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