About the project:

The AMD open Silicon Initialization Library (openSIL) is a collection of C libraries which can be integrated into an x86 host firmware, by directly compiling source or by linking with static libraries.

AMD openSIL consists of three statically linked libraries; xSIM (x86 Silicon Initialization Libraries), xPRF (x86 Platform Reference Library), and xUSL (x86 Utilities & Services Library). These libraries can be statically linked to a host firmware during compile/link time.

Source for the libraries resides under xSIM, xPRF, and xUSL.

AMD openSIL open-source projected roadmap:

Evaluation Only Phases (no support for production implementations):

  1. Phase I – Internal POC (complete).
  2. Phase II – AMD openSIL POC open-sourced for evaluation on AMD 4th Gen EPYC™ based CRB (complete: this source).
  3. Phase III – POC openSIL POC open-sourced, trending Q4 2024.

Production Phase:

  1. Phase IV: – AMD openSIL POR with UEFI Host FW trending 2026.

Getting Started:

  1. Clone Repository:

    1. Establish your GitHub user account and your SSH keys (details are beyond this doc)
    2. Open a command/terminal window
    3. Run git to obtain the project:
      > git clone git@github.com:openSIL/openSIL.git
  2. Establish the project environment variables.

    • You will find a shell/cmd file (SetSilEnv) in the ‘util’ directory for this purpose.
  3. Configure your project

    • This release of the AMD openSIL libraries supports AMD 4th Gen EPYC™ on the Onyx CRB only.

    • The openSIL project uses the python version of the Kconfig tool for this purpose. (See GitHub Kconfiglib).

    • Run the interactive configuration UI:
      > python %PYTHONPATH%menuconfig.py Kconfig

  4. Build openSIL Libraries:

    • The AMD openSIL library build is performed using ‘Meson build’, an open source python tool (see GitHub). Several targets allow a focused build for xUSL, xSIM, xPRF or openSIL(xUSL + xSIM + XPRF) static libraries. AMD openSIL specific Meson build documentation is not yet available.
    • The project can be built for 32bit and/or 64bit compilation and static libraries.
    • The project supports both the GNU/GCC or LLVM/clang tool chain and the Microsoft Visual C tool chain. Generally it is recommended to use the latest versions of these tool chains.

      Specific versions being used today (June 2023) are:

      • GCC – v10.2.0
      • llvm/clang – v10.0
      • MSVC v19.00.24210 (Visual Studio 2015)

  5. Integrate with Host Firmware:

    • AMD has a separate repository (“opensil-uefi-interface” ) for helping customers integrate openSIL with previous UEFI-AGESA installations. Please contact your AMD representative for more information.
  6. Test Host Firmware on reference platform

    • All AMD openSIL testing has been performed on AMD an AMD reference platform (Onyx CRB).

    • Present list of supported reference platforms is shown in the following table.


      AMD Processor

      Family Model
      Firmware Reference Platform

      Server F19M10 UEFI Onyx

Forthcoming items:

  • Formal documentation to be published to this repository.
  • Continuous integration (CI) tools will be implemented as a pre-requisite to merging pull requests.


The MIT License (MIT): https://opensource.org/license/mit/

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