Now that we’ve made our much-anticipated public launch on Product Hunt, let’s take a moment to rewind and look back on our journey. Check out our post:

Let’s talk about the hustles, hiccups, and hard-earned successes of our pre-launch phase at ExemplaryAI.

About three months ago, we decided to shake things up. Our product, originally positioned as a Transcription SDK & API tool, morphed into a more robust transcription platform. Exciting, right?


Now, how do we communicate this shift? Enter our crisp, clean landing page with a “Get Early Access” call to action.

However, the challenge was to make our product visual and relatable. Solution? A nifty 10-second animation gif created on And voila! Our product came alive!


We then showcased our fresh look on Indie Hackers and sought valuable feedback from the community. In no time, we were on the front page.


The feedback was enlightening. We revised our landing page and began receiving leads.

Next, we listed ourselves on a few AI directories like Futurepedia and Rundown. We even got featured on ThereisanAIforthat. It was indeed a good day!


Yet, something was missing. Our landing page only asked for a name and an email. We decided to probe a bit more – asked users about their industry and the features they sought.


I was a little worried about users having to fill out a long form, but we saw a conversion rate of 53%, which was great.


This wealth of data helped us prioritize our development and offer a more personalized user experience.

Sending out invites to our leads was the next hurdle. Our initial low open rate pointed towards a potential domain warm-up issue. Solution? Good old Gmail for a few days, followed by automating the process.

Fast forward to today, we have 500+ pre-launch leads! However, signups were only about half of the leads. We amped up our email frequency and kept the communication flowing.

Key Takeaways

  • A clear, visually engaging landing page can do wonders.
  • Seek and incorporate feedback. It makes your product better.
  • Prioritise personalisation. It enhances user experience.
  • Be patient with email marketing. It takes time to warm up.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin over multiple platforms. A few good ones are enough.

We’re thrilled to embark on our next adventure – our public launch on Product Hunt.

Stay tuned, and keep the love and support coming!

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